Friday, 7 July 2017

End of the term two.

Today is the last day of term two and I am proud to say that the thing I accomplished was being positive everyday and never being grumpy. Next term I will try to be at school every single day.
The thing I enjoyed this term was doing our hanga
hinaki. Can't wait for next term.


  1. Good Job last term you really did a great job on your mahi waimirirangi. even this term your doing a great job.

  2. Wow Waimirirangi I was proud of myself too but I only accomplished
    most of my work but last term was pretty amazing right but this term is going to be better.Good work Waimirirangi

  3. Hi Its Havahna. I really like your end of tearm 2. And u know u could of put 2 instead of two. But beside's that great job

  4. Hi it's me Waiheke. I rally like your end of tearm 2.this good . and like hinake